Founder and Chief Executive Officer
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As founder and CEO, Pat has guided the firm over the past 30 years to become one of the preeminent privately held design firms in the hospitality and leisure industries. A major part of Pat’s life philosophy is daring to do what many people only dream about. As founder and CEO of The McBride Company, he brings a life history of exploration and innovation...challenging new ideas, and forging new paths. 

His vision gave birth to the New Colony Six, a highly successful rock band. Pat wearied of life on the road and left the group to form his own music publishing and production company which by the mid-70s was also producing soundtracks for many of the country’s top theme parks and entertainment facilities. That led to the creation of today’s The McBride Company, a creative leader in destination entertainment, food and beverage, retail, attractions, and hotels

Pat’s personal success, and that of his company, is perhaps best demonstrated by the long list of distinguished companies who are repeat clients. A sought-after speaker for various hospitality, development, and entertainment organizations, Pat has appeared on national television and is oft-quoted in publications such as Fast Company, The New York Times, Restaurant Development + Design, The Robb Report, and USA Today.