Senior Signage and Graphics Designer

Brenda’s extensive skills in all aspects of graphic design are derived from years of practical experience in her family’s commercial sign & advertising business. This experience provided her with a unique, creative perspective; not only does she design beautiful graphics and signage, she has also had hands-on experience creating artisan-style custom finished products and is very familiar with the industry’s design-build process.

Her expertise can be found in nearly every McBride Company project, from logo design and detailed brand development to comprehensive signage programs & interpretive graphics. Her work not only compliments each unique project, it also enhances the visitor’s experience by better connecting guests to the facility’s environment.

Brenda’s work includes signage & graphics programs for resorts, restaurants, retail and entertainment complexes, main marquee ID signage, site enhancement and wayfinding programs, design criteria manuals and project concept style and development collateral. Her work is prominently displayed both in domestic and international McBride Company project locations worldwide.