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Margaritaville Headboard
Margaritaville Hotels and Resorts

The success of the original Margaritaville restaurant concept has led to its rapid expansion into various other hospitality markets worldwide from all-inclusive beach resorts in the Caribbean to 'urban resorts' in New York's Times Square.

Hollywood Lobby
After years of tremendous success in the F&B industry, we created Margaritaville's first prototypical resort in Hollywood Beach Florida where casual sophistication meets coastal-luxe.
Hollywood Aerial 2
Hollywood Flip Flop
We realized that the Margaritaville resorts needed an 'icon' that perfectly encapsulated the brand values and set the stage for the guest experience. The result was a 14-foot sculptural flip-flop, whose reflective finish makes it a true work of art. Judging by the hundreds of photos taken with it per day, guests seem to approve!
Hollywood Fixture
Within the lobby, a lalique-inspired, free-form chandelier made of hundreds of margarita glasses hangs from overhead.
Hollywood King Room
Guestrooms incorporate modern design touches with natural tropical tones offering a private retreat for travelers to unwind.
Hollywood Std Bath
Hollywood details

Guests may also use more than 30,000 square feet of function space, which includes the Compass Rose Ballroom, where a neutral color palette highlights palm-inspired carpeting and antique etched mirrors. 

Compass Desk Resized

The design of the brand has been adapted to fit a variety of different types of destinations. 

From tropical oases to 'urban resorts' in the heart of major cities, Margaritaville is a hospitality brand whose success is most definitely not limited to beachside locations. 

Welcome to New York City's first urban resort on (the island of Manhattan), complete with a rooftop pool at the heart of Times Square!
Margaritaville NYC0345 2
Margaritaville NYC Building
Margaritaville NYC Statue

How do you stand out in Times Square? Well, we designed a 30-foot-tall replica Statue of Liberty inside the resort, holding a giant margarita glass instead of a torch that displays a spectacular audiovisual show every hour.

NYC Statue Show Image

The Island Lifestyle

Nassau Balcony
Hollywood Mosaic
Escape from the pressures of everyday life and experience the laid-back lifestyle of Jimmy Buffett firsthand.
Margaritaville Orlando Lobby

More than 20 million travelers every year change their latitude and attitude with a visit to a Margaritaville resort.