GWL Lobby Update

Great Wolf Lodge

GWL Updated Fireplace
Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge 2.0 is currently being rolled out as part of new lodges around the country and promises a staycation experience like no other.

GWL Updated Treehouse
From a grand and contemporary north woods style lobby to a great wolf national park-themed family entertainment center, our updated concept was created to appeal equally to children and adults.
GWL Updated FEC
Great Wolf Lodge hired us to help evolve their brand. The result was 'Great Wolf 2.0'.
GWL Updated Entry Sketches
GWL Updated Entry Sign
The entry portal includes a custom national park map carved into a stained wood post that evokes that comforting feeling of being on vacation with family.
GWL Updated Candy
Our whimsical candy store was designed to highlight the bold colors of bulk candy by juxtaposing them against a stark white backdrop.
GWL Gummi Light Edited

The spirit of the national parks runs through the interior design and architecture, which is supported by vintage elements that reference the iconography of the National Park Service.

Immerse yourself in the sense of nostalgia inspired by the noble history of the National Park Service.
GWL Updated Bowling

Giant logs were used to finish the space and evoke a north woods feel

GWL Updated Logs REV
GWL Updated Corridor

Barnwood takes its design cues from its farm-to-table ethos. Design elements include a deep color palette that evokes the natural north woods lifestyle associated with the Great Wolf brand as well as rustic materials, including reclaimed barn wood and handmade wall coverings.

GWL Updated Barnwood Photo
GWL Updated Barnwood Render

For family vacation destinations to be truly successful, they need to cater to the adults as much as they do to the children.