Grass Monkey Main Hi Res

Grass Monkey

Grass Monkey Main Hi Res
Grass Monkey
Portland, Maine

Whaa!? A giant sculptural graffiti'd banana, a gorilla with a grass mohawk, a stoned mona Lisa! We wanted Grass Monkey to push the boundaries of recreational Cannabis retail and truly be one of a kind.

The design was inspired by the idea of an 'urban jungle'. An urban jungle meets cannabis that is...

Grass Monkey Reception
Grass Monkey Full Wall
Graffiti was a brand attribute that we wanted to integrate in an elevated way so we approached the space like a street art gallery. Our ten-foot-wide triptych, which breaks out of the confines of its canvas, integrates playful nods to cannabis culture serves as a striking centerpiece to the main retail space.
Grass Monkey Art Wall
Who says dispensaries need to look like jewelry stores? Breaking the rules was one of our goals.
Monkey Closeup R1 ss
Meet our friend the gorilla. If you haven't noticed, yes, he has a huge green mohawk. Gorilla serves as a photo op and as a sculptural piece of art.
Monkey CU
Our centerpiece is a seven-foot-tall sculptural banana. With a bright, reflective yellow peel and custom matte graffiti art flesh, it serves as our store icon. Apparently, the 'crazy spot with the huge graffiti'd banana' has become a tourist attraction of sorts.

Check out our design process...

Grass Monkey Video Placeholder
Grass Monkey Tile Cropped

The street art aesthetic was infused in materials used throughout the store and extended beyond the canvas. 

Grass Monkey Art Sketch

Conceptualizing tounge-in-cheek artwork concepts make the design of this space a blast!  

As if all this wasn't already enough, 'Monkey' Mona Lisa thanks you for visiting and bids you a good day.
Grass Monkey Mona Lisa Small