Grow Healthy Reception Desk Higher res

Dispensary Design

Grow Healthy Reception Desk Higher res
Dispensary Design

We set out to innovate the Cannabis Retail Industry and believe that what makes a Cannabis Brand successful is much more than just good interior design.

We helped some early innovators pioneer the idea of a uniquely Branded Cannabis Retail Experience that would stand out from the hundreds of other retailers attempting to capitalize on the 'Cannabis Gold Rush'. The result, Pineapple Express, was regularly touted as one of the best-designed dispensaries in the US. From there, we've gone on to design numerous dispensaries, consumption lounges, and even a thematic Cannabis experience, each with unique and memorable characteristics.

Pineapple Express

Grow Healthy

Grow Healthy Main View

We created the prototype for the Grow Healthy brand in Florida. Inspired by their impressive cultivation facility nearby, we gave the design an industrial feel while warming it up with curved lines and natural finishes from the surrounding area like coral stone and local wood. Large touchscreens help educate guests while acting as an additional point of sale during busier times.

Grow Healthy Wall
Grow Healthy Orlando Reception

Once the prototype was created, we worked with the brand to help roll out locations all across the state of Florida. 

Grow Healthy Seating Area


Enlightened Exterior
Enlightened Check In
Enlightened Main
We designed the 4,500-square-foot flagship for Chicago-based Enlightened. Inclusivity is key to their brand messaging so we created a space that could appeal to a large cross-section of people who may be shopping for a variety of different reasons.
Enlightened Flower Wall
Enlightened’s intuitive design instills a sense of calm through natural materiality and soft light gradients expressed with help from translucent acrylic panels.

Root'd in the 510

Rootd Main

The aesthetic of Root'd was designed to capture Oakland's spirit, imagination, and history, featuring artwork, murals, and timeless interior design that reflects the surrounding community.

Rootd Display Case Sketch
Rootd Vegetation Case CU
Rootd Terarrium

Integrated into this aesthetic are nods to its namesake in which "Root'd" is taken literally by utilizing vegetation within the architecture and product displays.

Soon to accompany the unique cannabis retail space is an on-site consumption lounge. The lounge will feature numerous experiential spaces and host musical performances, private parties, and live events. 

Rootd Lounge V1
Rootd Hallway Vending Wall Revision 042920
A vending wall of 'munchies' replete with 80's nostalgia and nods to cannaculture offers an unexpected dose of fun.
Rootd Pvt Room 042820
Root'd Lounge offers a variety of experiences: one moment it's serious and sophisticated, the next eclectic and irreverent. The goal is to be unexpected.
Rootd South Wall Glass Partition