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Cannabis Concepts

Society C Main
Cannabis Concepts
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For over thirty years, clients have come to us to dream big and bring one-of-a-kind ideas to life all while achieving financial success. When the 'cannabis retail revolution' began, we saw an opportunity to help visionary developers create spaces unlike any other. A sampling of some of these spaces (some currently under construction, slated to open soon) is below.

We were approached by a group of creative entrepreneurs who challenged us to create a cannabis brand along with a supportive branding package and retail experience unlike any other offering in the marketplace. The result was Society C.

Society C Splatter Logo

The world of cannabis is rich in history and mystique reaching back thousands of years. Society C is inspired by the countless organizations around the world that use symbolism, bold messaging, and visual iconography to form bonds and relationships.

Redacted signage, personal loyalty ‘passports’, mysterious doorways, and integrated ciphers all add a playful allure to the brand and help create a true experiential atmosphere.
Society C Passport
Society C Library
Be sure not to miss the hidden door leading to the library lounge and edibles area (for members only of course)
Society C Merch
Society C Packaging

The McBride Company also designed the Society C product line which carries the same playfully fascinating iconography (including secret messaging and codes) into packaging and merchandising.

Society C Checkout Resized
Interiors draw inspiration from a variety of rich history from mythological societies and spy movie film sets to streamlined deco details to create an elegant and curious arrangement of spaces and product displays.

The East Indica Company

East Indica Render People

The East Indica Company's brand identity takes inspiration from antique shipping container identifiers that organizations used when shipping their products globally. The emblem (which can be found stamped on canisters used to house cannabis product) is a cannabis inspired twist on the symbol from the tea crates that seen floating in Boston harbor in 1773.

East Indica Logos v2

Inspired by the spirit of the American Revolution and the fight for freedom, the dispensary’s design and branding reflects a contemporary take on an 18th-century tea shop. This storyline is reinforced through clever manipulation of historical artwork that depicts the cannabis revolution from a “Colonial” perspective.

A 21st Century Dispensary with an 18th Century Spirit
East Indica Side by Side
East Indica 1 No Logo
Easti Indica Tea Art
Instilling a sense of freedom, revolution, camaraderie, and kindred spirits, the East Indica Company encourages a new breed of consumer to “join the cause.”
East Indica Tax Art
This storyline is reinforced through clever manipulation of historical artworks that depict the cannabis revolution from a “Colonial” perspective.
The custom packaging includes whimsical takes on famous moments in American revolutionary history. See if you can spot what we imagine got Paul Revere through his legendary midnight ride.
East Indica Packaging 4

Special edition infused chocolate bars take inspiration from the colonial wardrobe.

East Indica Packaging 2 Cropped

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Innovations include the first “Declaration Station” – an automated kiosk where customers can petition the government to legalize cannabis using a quill pen digital stylus.

The Las Vegas Cannabis Experience

Cannabis Experince Social
The Vegas Cannabis Experience will immerse Guests in the history, culture, and mystique of this expanding new industry - what we call “Edutainment.” Guests will not only be entertained by the expo but also learn more about cannabis, participate in immersive & interactive experiences, shop unique retail, and choose between one-of-a-kind dining & beverage options.
Cannabis Experience 50s
Consumers will start the journey by learning about cannabis history in the US beginning in a conservative 50’s home where we learn more about the demonization of marijuana.
Cannabis Experience 80s
Newspapers with anti-cannabis crusade headlines and informational video displays convey the story and lead Guests to the next decade - an 80’s high school classroom with D.A.R.E. and “Just say no!” posters on the walls as an introduction to the Nixon/Reagan era and the “war on drugs.”
Cannabis Experience Backstage
Guests are invited to the “experience theater” modeled after the Woodstock stage They also get a glimpse of backstage life as the traditional “audience & screen” configuration is reversed.