The Resurgence of the RV: Part 1

RV 1 with Blur

2020 and 2021 have been years of tremendous adaptation and innovation for travel.. We’ve seen explosive growth in niche areas of the travel industry as a result of changing consumer behavior..

As a case in point, we’re developing several innovative projects as a result of the surge of interest and business in the RV industry.

RV travel offers a feeling of safety and convenience, and people across the country are embracing this time-tested method of travel. Over the past several months, RV sales have skyrocketed as people look for new ways to vacation and adventure. The RV Industry Association reports that shipments of RVs from manufacturers to dealers were up 11 percent this past June compared to the same month in 2019, and up 45 percent between May and June of this year. From mobile offices to full-blown glamping, the RV life is experiencing a consumer renaissance.

Many new RV sales are actually first first-time buyers across a variety of age groups and demographics - definitely not the traditional retiree sales model. A recent survey by RVshare notes that rentals are unexpectedly projected to continue rising through the Fall and as the holiday season approaches, RV’s offer the perfect solution for people who want to visit family or friends. RV users will be able to travel while still maintaining social distancing measures and keeping their “pod” safe by avoiding hotels and cramped quarters at relatives' houses.

RVs not only offer a solution for families wanting to get away on vacation, but also provide safe working environments for working professionals. We’ve seen companies shift employees to work from home throughout the year and RV living is becoming an “office-option” for people, whether working from home is temporary due to Covid restrictions or permanent as companies continue to embrace remote workplaces.

Does a standard RV camper sound too traditional for your tastes? Check out companies like TerraWind who have created amphibious RVs that are one part RV and one part boat. It will only cost about $850,000 should you need a “boater-home.” And for around $3 million you can get the EleMMent Palazzo Superior from Marchi Mobile which comes with all the space you would need including an expandable roof deck.

Our President, Eric McBride, is a serious RV enthusiast and spent the month of January in 2020 working from his RV in Florida. He has a full set-up in his rig - complete with desk space and dual monitors and was able to easily connect with the rest of the team during the day. During lunch, after work hours and on the weekends...he was on vacation.

The RV Industry Association also predicts that sales won’t slow and will continue to see this category grow throughout next year, forecasting a 19.5% increase in shipments in the 2021 calendar year.

As we are witnessing the growth in this category, our team has been working on an exciting new project that we’ll be sharing soon. Stay tuned for part two of the blog post!