The McBride Company imagines the interior of the most famous RV in movie history.

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The McBride Company imagines the interior of Cousin Eddie’s RV.

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation is one of our favorite Holiday movies and Cousin Eddie is one of the most memorable—and crazy—characters. He rolls into our Christmas consciousness every December thanks to his famous family and his infamous RV. But we never see inside. We are left to imagine what kitsch treasures and salvaged finds Eddie has used to decorate the inside.

For The McBride Company, a creative design firm that brings compelling branded hospitality, entertainment and leisure projects to life, the inside of Eddie’s RV was a merry mystery that needed to be investigated.

Creative Director Ryan McBride explains how this all started: “Our work is often times inspired by how people interact with popular culture. This time of year, as the Christmas Vacation memes make their way into our office, Eddie’s RV invariably comes up. Realizing that the inside is still a mystery, we just had to crack that nut.”

With a team composed of architects, artists, musicians, and interior designers, it didn’t take long for the McBride Company to come up with their theory on what extraordinary things Eddie’s RV might contain. Snot’s dog bowl, moose mugs, pet gerbils, and borrowed cigars fill the inside of the RV along with many other hidden gems that Eddie and his family may have picked up along the way.

“Eddie’s RV is the original tiny house. This guy was ahead of the time, and behind the times, all at once. It is our imaginative ‘look-and-find puzzle’ of the classic Christmas caravan” added Johnnie Rush, Chief Business Innovation Officer for The McBride Company.

It may not be “the gift that keeps on giving” but Eddie’s RV is a welcomed break in a social feed that features far too many staged Holiday photos and perfect presents. Embrace the eccentric Eddie and the possibilities of his cheer-filled Christmas camper