The Glass Pipe: A Service-Driven Cannabis Experience

Glass Pipe Red Wall

The Glass Pipe cannabis dispensary reflects the modern consumers’ desire for a streamlined retail experience with cutting-edge technology and world-class service.  Inspired by sleek and minimalist designs, the concept leverages the latest technology for product selection/measuring, packaging, precision accuracy and inventory management. 

All of the traditional means for weighing, selecting and packaging products are automatically controlled by a robotic picker and delivered via pneumatic tubes to the transaction counter.  Additional service innovations include the ability to pre-order via a smart phone, remotely place an order and bypass the queue line normally found in traditional cannabis dispensaries.

The Glass Pipe stands out from other cannabis dispensary experiences because of its carefully selected brand elements, including a focus on innovation and technology and the service-driven expertise of staff. Products are made to be customized and personalized with dependable precision, and when consumers walk through the doors, they’re met with sophisticated minimalism.