The East Indica Company: A 21st Century Dispensary with an 18th Century Spirit


As the Cannabis retail industry continues to expand through legalization and growing consumer demand, “Weed-tailers” will be faced with the realities of traditional retail marketing and finicky consumer branding. We’ve revolutionized the traditional cannabis dispensary model through the design of multiple retail concepts all specifically designed to focus on brand identity, storytelling, uniqueness and specificity for a variety of consumer demographics.  As competition in the cannabis industry evolves, the need for compelling and immersive dispensary designs will play a key role in marketing, consumer awareness, brand identity and the intimate relationship with the customer.

The East Indica Company harkens back to the time of the Revolutionary war. The brand is inspired by the spirit of the Boston Tea Party, the Founding Fathers and above all else, freedom. The brand identity and design spans everything from the shop theming through the product packaging. The dispensary’s interior design is reminiscent of a period tea merchant shop.

Instilling a sense of freedom, revolution, camaraderie and kindred spirits, the East Indica Company encourages a new breed of consumer to “join the cause.”  This storyline is reinforced through clever manipulation of historical artworks that depict the cannabis revolution from a “Colonial” perspective. Technology innovations include touch-screen browsing, a virtual POS system, automated product dispensing, and the first “Declaration Station” – an automated petitioning themed kiosk.