Staff Spotlight: Katelyn Lynch

Katelyn Blog 1

What is your role at McBride?

I’m a graphic designer. I design logos, signs, graphics and anything else visual a project might need. Like Colin, I also help out in making sure all of our presentations and ideas are packaged in a way that looks as amazing as possible.

Where are you based?

I split my time between the Vermont Office and my home office tucked in the mountains in the tiny Vermont town of Wells. My town might not have a stoplight, but we’ve got an excellent country store and the beautiful Lake Saint Catherine.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I usually wake up around 6:15 and take care of my two dogs and cat and then I head over to my friend and I’s little two stall horse barn to do barn chores and let our horses out for the day. I take a little trail run at lunch, end my day at 4, and head back over to the barn for a ride after work. After that it’s time to cook and wind down with some video games and binge watching with my husband.

What is your favorite project you have worked on?

I am a huge nerd, which has put me in the front of the line to help the company out with some Dungeons and Dragons themed concepts. I feel so lucky to get to work on something I’m so passionate about!

How did you get into the industry?

I have always had a passion for all things aesthetic. I went to school in Chicago for fine arts and ended up focusing predominantly on oil painting. Weirdly enough, that did not set me up with a job right away and I took random jobs here and there while always doing graphic work on the side for friends and locals.

By the time I moved to Vermont, I had put together enough work to make my own portfolio, and through a friend I heard about a graphic design job for a small local business that designed wraps for snowmobiles all over the world. They took me under their wing and taught me so much about the industry. They eventually ended up selling their business and I was able to put together an even stronger portfolio that the McBride Company took a liking to! I’ve been with the McBride Company for just over a year now and I’m constantly floored by the amazing projects I get to work on.

What’s the coolest (or most important) trend you see today?

I think the eco-conscious trend in packaging is really important. We all know how much waste is created by packaging and I love that the trend is actively trying to do it’s best to minimize our impact on the environment.

What inspires you outside of work? Do you have any other creative outlets?

Outside of work, I like to draw for myself and for friends. I work on mostly serious portraits of people and pets, but also on the occasional ridiculous project. For example: t-shirts that my husband requested with his own face painted on them.

When you have 30 minutes of free-time, how do you pass the time?

If I’m being honest, you’d probably find me curled up with my dogs. Nothing more relaxing than that.

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

Can I really pick anything? I’m going to pick teleportation! I love to travel and just imagine how much time and money we could all save if we could just get to where we needed to go.

What are you currently binge watching or what movie have you seen recently?

My husband and I recently lost internet for the night and had to go digging through our dusty old DVDs to have something to watch. We decided on Jurassic Park, what a classic.

What are your top three favorite books?

I think my three favorite books are Jasper Fforde’s Shades of Grey, Nick Harkaway’s The Gone-Away World and The Phantom Tollbooth. They are all amazing examples of rich comedic, fantastical world building that are so easy to get lost in.

You’re happiest when?

I’m happiest when I feel like I’ve accomplished everything I needed to for the day and I just get to sit outside surrounded by nature.