We Are Society C


Imagine a secret society consisting of individuals who have succeeded in elevating their lifestyle through an elusive club membership, and you've made the shortlist. We're inviting you to step behind the scenes of the mysterious Society C.

The vision for Society C surfaced when a group of creative entrepreneurs approached our team with a challenge; they wanted us to help create a cannabis brand complete with a comprehensive branding package and retail experience that was incomparable to any other. It was a challenge we didn't shy away from, and after numerous creative sessions, Society C was born.

When plotting our vision for Society C, we wanted it to be well-informed by the history and mystique of cannabis but inspired by an inclusive future. Our team sought inspiration by studying organizations worldwide that use mysteriously intriguing symbolism, bold messaging, and visual iconography to form bonds and relationships, such as the Freemasons and the Illuminati. We wanted to foster that distinct sense of mystery and social cohesion while developing an inclusive and democratic space, and we did just that.

The brand's tagline, We.Are.Society.C, reflects that vision. Amongst the "We" of Society C are brand advocates, who invigorate the customer base. Referred to as "members," those customers are imbued with a sense of belonging that makes them feel as though they are a part of an exclusive group, a group that welcomes anyone who wishes to join.

Physically, the Society C dispensary is a truly experiential atmosphere. Redacted signage, personal loyalty 'passports,' mysterious doorways, and integrated ciphers all conjure a playful allure. Interiors draw inspiration from mythological societies and spy movie film sets, and streamlined deco details create an elegant and curious arrangement of rooms and product displays. Unique areas such as a library lounge, edibles counter, and a multimedia hallway continue to reinforce the intriguing nature of the Society C brand.

The dispensary layout itself is innovative within the industry and breaks the script of the traditional 'long counter with numerous POS stations' approach. Instead, the customer journeys through a series of experiences from check-in to check-out.

Upon entering, guests are immediately greeted with an "Invitation" to become a Society C member. If interested, the soon-to-be "member" is led through "Initiation," an antechamber conveying brand history & philosophy along with some oddly compelling exhibits.

As they meander through the space they come upon a towering, intricately carved door at the end of the room leading to "Enlightenment." This space is the retail experience and product showcase where new members are enlightened by staff in a grandiose room. Here the members explore the Society C product line, which our team developed to feature playfully fascinating iconography, including secret messaging and codes.

Ending the member's journey is "Conversion," where check-out occurs. Merchandise and impulse material is displayed separately in this space to convey a sense of retail discovery and variety. This concludes the guest journey through the dispensary but marks just the start of their journey as a member of the "society."

The best part of it all? You're invited to be a member, too. If you ever find yourself stumbling upon this "secret" location, step inside to accept your membership invite for a truly enlightening experience you won’t find anywhere else.