Our Staff's Halloween Favorites

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Today we're sharing some Halloween favorites from our staff! Read on to learn more about past costumes, favorite candy, the best Halloween movies and the ultimate Halloween costume.

What is your favorite Halloween costume you have ever worn?

I dressed up as Amy Winehouse about a decade ago after friends said she was my doppelganger. I think that's one of the last times I actually dressed up for Halloween. - Candice, Designer

Not me but my daughter, Luna, as a tiger last year! - Alicia, Interior Designer

I was a full on Christmas tree with glass ornaments. Unfortunately, I attended the Halloween parade in NYC and with the crazy crowds, all of the ornaments shattered all over NYC. You could see broken ornaments for days afterwards. Other years I was the Marshmallow Man and a Hot Air Balloon. Needless to say, my husband is totally over my costumes. - Jessica, Senior Designer

Grady Twins from The Shining - Kristina, Interior Designer

I remember having a latex 'horror clown' mask that I liked a lot when I was a kid. Big red nose with scarred, gnarled face and sharp teeth. - Kyle, VP of Operations

In high school I made this mighty mouse costume complete with full mask and everything for a super hero themed event, I wore it again a few years ago for Halloween and all the little kids thought I was a weird mickey mouse....HA! - Marisa, Architectural Designer

What is your favorite Halloween candy?

Anything chocolate. - Candice, Designer

The seasonal pumpkin shaped Reese’s specifically! - Sara, Marketing Director

Candy Corn - Brenda, Graphic Designer

Snickers, Nerds, and Smarties - Alicia, Interior Designer

Butterfinger with the occasional Snickers. - Jessica, Senior Designer

Sour Patch Straw bites at the moment - Marisa, Architectural Designer

I try not to eat candy but for Halloween, I Love Jolly Roger watermelon hard candy-So ol’ school! - Manny, Conceptual Design Director

What is your favorite Halloween movie?

Hocus Pocus - Nicole, Director of Finance

I believe the correct answers are Beetlejuice + Hocus Pocus. The Crucible (Wynona Rider/Daniel Day Lewis version ) is another fave for the season. - Candice, Designer

I love them all! Family friendly movies like Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown, Double Double Toil & Trouble, Addams Family. And then campy classics like Halloween, Beetlejuice, Teen Witch, Scream, The Exorcist - Alicia, Interior Designer

My all time favorite Halloween movie is John Carpenter’s The Thing, actually tied with The Fog - such classics! - Manny, Conceptual Design Director

Don't have one that specifically references Halloween, but as far as horror genre for that time of year i'd go with Silence of the Lambs. - Kyle, VP of Operations

Death Becomes Her - Kristina, Interior Designer

What would be the ultimate costume?

My partner and I have wanted to dress up as Sarah and Jareth from Labyrinth (Bowie fans), but living rurally you don't have many opportunities for Halloween parties....and we're also old and lack the energy. Lol. Or Adam and Barbara from Beetlejuice as a close second. - Candice, Designer

We’re in New England so anything warm and plush is perfect for walking through neighborhoods on Halloween night. - Alicia, Interior Designer

I’ve been contemplating going as Guy Fieri for years now. Fun and comfortable! - Sara, Marketing Director

A pinball game. - Jessica, Senior Designer

Arby's oven mitt. - Marisa, Architectural Designer

Solid green bodysuit. - Kyle, VP of Operations

To go all out on a skeleton costume with awesome skeleton makeup! - Kristina, Interior Designer