Our People: Jessica Lotner

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A veteran of luxury interior design, Jessica Lotner is the newest member of our team. Her experience ranges from architectural master planning to interior design detailing on properties including hotels, museums, restaurants, showrooms, multi-use development projects, executive offices and luxury residential units. 

At The McBride Company, Jessica recently worked on the interior design for Pineapple Express, a retail concept we completed for a client planning to establish a nationally branded chain of cannabis dispensaries. She is currently working on the design of a unique social club in El Paso, Texas.

“The McBride Company is not only a design firm, but a think tank,” Jessica said. “We think of the big picture and create branding opportunities – total immersive experiences – and turn every project into a truly unique destination.”

Prior to starting any project, Jessica develops a strong Concept, which becomes the underlying force behind all design decisions – from planning to materials and furniture selection; right down to the smallest detail.

Jessica earned her Bachelor’s degree in Painting and Art History, which led her to become an international traveler early on in her career. Her sketch books became filled with interior details: mosaic and tile patterns, doorknobs and hinges, fabric prints, textiles and moldings. Realizing that this was her passion, she went on to earn her Master’s degree in Interior Design with a concentration in Exhibition Design.

Her approach is to bring an understated elegance to every project. With a careful play between modern and traditional, she strives for timeless design that is tailored, cohesive and visually striking to both guests and developers.