Lil Wayne had an artistic vision to offer the world of retail cannabis, and our collaboration resulted in the design of a dispensary experience that reflects Lil Wayne's unique lifestyle and musical philosophy inside and out.

From the exterior, the design aesthetic of the dispensary is bold. Black walls create a canvas for supersized color blocking and larger-than-life graphics, as infectious beats radiate out to draw the crowds in.

Upon entry, customers are transported down an immersive light tunnel into Lil Wayne's world as one of his personal VIP Guests. Lil Wayne's Vape Void inspired the interior design, and an immersive musical soundscape enhances the compellingly moody atmosphere. The boldness from the exterior carries into the interior, with color blocking creating a simple yet high-impact statement. Half of the space is color bombed with Gkua's signature purple, delineated by a hard gold line inlaid into the flooring, creating a truly striking visual.

Woven throughout the dispensary, interactive experiences and engaging visual merchandising establish a functional & fun space. Metal fencing, concrete, and black steel create a contemporary urban architecture highlighted by Lil Wayne's signature 24K gold accents. No detail was spared, with acoustic material, microphone-inspired lighting, and angled 'vocal booths' providing a subtle nod to the recording studios that provide the setting for Lil Wayne's musical creations.

The experiences offered at the GKUA store are a physical manifestation of Lil Wayne's eclectic creative energy, creating loyal brand advocates passionate about cannabis and music. GKUA is not just another dispensary – it's a lifestyle.