Fall at The McBride Company

Afternoon Walks

When people think of Vermont, the first thing that usually comes to mind is some combination of maple syrup, country roads, rural dairy farms, skiing and autumn leaves.  The perception that Vermont is a beautiful state with not much going on is partially true, and Vermonters are proud of the slower paced way of life that comes with the fact that we’re the second least populated state in the nation (after WY). 

About ten years ago, we chose to move our Main Office to Vermont from Miami and we often get asked ‘Why!?’. Why move our offices further from transportation hubs, to a place that’s bitterly cold for a good chunk of the year? Well, our answer is simple: it’s a place that we feel is hyper creative, endlessly inspiring and conducive to a high level of productivity.

Artists, actors, playwrights and musicians have shared in this mindset and have chosen to make this part of Vermont their home for centuries. This includes everyone from Robert Frost and Norman Rockwell to John Irving and Rudyard Kipling, and their legacy is woven into the community and its local theaters, world-renowned indie bookstore and numerous artist retreats.

Every season is highly pronounced in Vermont and each has its own atmosphere and unique mood. Due to the high concentration of deciduous trees (maple trees in particular), the spectacular kaleidoscope of color seen during autumn foliage is arguably the most famous. At the McBride Company we take advantage of this magical time of year the most we can with lunchtime walks, afternoon drives and an autumn company retreat that all help inspire creativity that we channel into our projects.

We always have our doors open to clients, vendors, collaborators and all our other industry friends. We encourage you to come and experience our little slice of paradise!