An Inside Look at The McBride Company's Dynamic and Immersive Cannabis Experience

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We are celebrating April with another installment of our cannabis related blog series. We previously discussed the importance of branding and how small moments of surprise and delight all play into creating a repeatable experience for Consumers. As we continue to see the market expand and grow, the combination of service, retail and entertainment is inevitable.

To create a one-of-a-kind venue, the McBride team developed a concept called The Vegas Cannabis Experience - a highly dynamic, immersive attraction designed to capitalize on the public’s fascination with the emergence of marijuana as a mainstream medical and recreational retail product.

We only need to look as far as this week’s newspapers, television reports and conversation to see the extreme fascination and trepidation that accompanies the legalization of cannabis. Through the use of proven technology, special effects, immersive experiences and compelling storytelling, The Vegas Cannabis Experience will immerse Guests in the history, culture, and mystique of this expanding new industry - what we call “Edutainment.” Guests will not only be entertained by the expo but also learn more about cannabis, participate in immersive & interactive experiences, shop unique retail, and choose between one-of-a-kind dining & beverage options.

Las Vegas provides the perfect backdrop for the expo with guests coming from around the world both during the week and on weekends. Cannabis sales are also legal in Nevada which could allow the experience to have a fully operational dispensary in addition to attraction & lifestyle products.

Consumers will start the journey by learning about cannabis’ history in the US beginning in a conservative 50’s home where we learn more about the demonization of marijuana. Newspapers with anti-cannabis crusade headlines and informational video displays convey the story and lead Guests to the next decade - an 80’s high school classroom with D.A.R.E. and “Just say no!” posters on the walls as an introduction to the Nixon/Reagan era and the “war on drugs.”

Travel further back in time to a natural history museum-inspired setting to learn about cannabis use in ancient times throughout the world. An important aspect of the experience is educating the customer some of whom may be from states where cannabis is still illegal and not the norm.

After this section, Guests are invited to the “experience theater” modeled after the Woodstock stage. We see clips from iconic movies, music videos, live shows and more presented with hi-definition video and audio. They also get a glimpse of backstage life as the traditional “audience & screen” configuration is reversed - the viewing area is actually the Woodstock stage looking out into the 1960’s audience!

The tour comes to an end in a large open circulation area with various cannabis themed experiences and activities. Inspired by the “great all-American road trip” spanning generations, the main hall is a showcase of iconic cannabis entertainment, activities, and photo opportunities. From Route 66 roadside oddities to hippie buses, midnight White Castle excursions and music, a broad array of cannabis-ins, products and experiences will entertain for hours. Photographs are encouraged as everything is created as “Instagram moments” and memorable episodes. The main icon, for example, is named “Mount Tokemore” and includes giant cultural icons such as Cheech & Chong, a giant bong, and many unique photographable backgrounds.

Upon exiting, the environment transitions into a contemporary dispensary retail venue (either legal cannabis sales or a themed traditional retail model) with tangible memories of the experience.