Creating a "Dino-Inspired" Margaritaville

Jurassic World rend No title block 1

If you’ve seen the 2015 film Jurassic World, you may have noticed the many iconic brands featured throughout. Taking a particularly prominent role in the film’s entertainment corridor is Margaritaville. With over 15 years of experience in entertainment, and as Margaritaville’s designers and brand coordinators, we understood how to translate the brand essence onto the big screen.

When the production team asked Margaritaville to be a part of the film, they turned to us to assist the movie’s art directors in capturing the casually sophisticated Margaritaville vibe that we have perfected over the years. We shared the drawing below with the filmmakers to use as inspiration when designing the set for the perfect Jurassic World inspired Margaritaville Restaurant and 5 O’clock Somewhere Bar. Iconic Margaritaville elements like surfboards, fins and parrots tie in perfectly with the tropical Isla Nublar setting of the movie.

Check out the trailer for the film below and you’ll catch a glimpse of the fruits of our labor around 2:10. If you watch the movie, you can also keep an eye out for a quick cameo from Jimmy Buffet himself!