Behind the Scenes: Our New Logo

Mcbride logo mark

By Ryan McBride, CCO

Along with our new website, we’ve got a brand-new logo! It’s the fourth logo in The McBride Company’s 36-year history, and it’s a big step away from the old look and feel. (Though we’re still giving the letter “M" some emphasis: Notice how the logo graphic slightly resembles a slanted capital M.)

When developing this logo with our team, we wanted to keep the following three goals in mind:

  1. Keep it simple. We wanted to streamline the descriptive language beneath the company name and remove some of the clutter, making it clear, concise and easy to understand exactly what it is we do.
  2. Keep it current. Graphic design is getting flatter, thinner and simpler. While we loved how our previous logo emphasized the more organic hand-drawn nature of our work, we all know times have changed. The architectural and interior designs created by The McBride Company today are elegant, sleek and digitally composed, and we wanted to make sure our logo reflected the medium we work in.
  3. Make it meaningful. For the logo graphic that accompanies our name, we wanted something that felt both architectural and creative. We landed on a shape that is something of an optical illusion – you can see it as one entity or as two 3D geometric shapes. (And for those of you who know us well, maybe you see the Green Mountains of Vermont!).

The color palette is another nod to natural elements and sustainability – it was inspired by the beautiful iridescent turquoise shades of the paua abalone shell.

And now for a trip down memory lane...