5 Elements of Smart Spa Design

1 Main Walkway Stairs Spa compressed

By Diana Rossi, Senior Interior Designer

One of our favorite spaces that we designed at the Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort is the St. Somewhere Spa. Inspired by the serene tropical latitude of South Florida, St. Somewhere Spa is an 11,000 square-foot oceanfront retreat with eleven treatment rooms, including two designed specifically for couples, steam rooms, a Vichy shower treatment room and rainfall showers.

Our work on St. Somewhere Spa exemplifies a few of the latest trends in spa and wellness center design. Take a look at some of the design elements – both strategic and aesthetic – that went into our work on this project.

1. Design for Broader Appeal: Spa design is moving away from a feeling of exclusivity toward one more focused on attracting a wider audience. We accomplished this at the St. Somewhere Spa through choices of art and accessories (vases, sculptures, floral arrangements, etc.), as well as our choice of finishes. Instead of brand-new-looking, glossy finishes that tend to convey exclusivity, we went in favor of more natural finishes – at once more relaxed and welcoming – such as reclaimed wood, jute rope and wicker furniture.

2. Local Inspiration: Spa design is about creating a sense of place. Since people come to South Florida to enjoy the beaches, we want them to feel as though St. Somewhere Spa is an extension of the area, through the color palette and materials used. For example, travertine stone encircles the hot tub, because it evokes the sandy beaches. A glass tile mosaic in shades of blue projects a glimmering effect around the hot tub, which is reminiscent of the sunlight reflecting off the ocean.

3. Residential Vibes: Since people are most comfortable at home, we focused on providing a residential feel, which is a departure from the Asian aesthetic commonly found in spas today. We accomplished a more residential look through details such as crown molding, light chair molding, relaxed furniture and shutters.

4. Expanded Visibility: The design team made a strategic decision to create a shared locker room space for the resort’s gym and spa. This allows the spa to capture a wider audience, in other words, those who use the gym but might not have originally planned to seek out the spa. By making the St. Somewhere Spa so accessible to patrons of the gym, we aimed to help increase foot traffic.

5. Finally: Great Views! Throughout the entire Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort, it was our priority to provide great views. The St. Somewhere Spa was no exception – it boasts a spacious outdoor balcony where guests can enjoy scenic ocean views or indulge in al fresco dining.