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Peanuts Restaurant Shroeder

Peanuts Cafe

We collaborated with Peanuts to create an experiential dining concept as unique, jazzy, and nostalgic as the iconic comic series by Charles Schulz.

The design centers around an intimate “neighborhood” café concept. Core to the design is ensuring an experience that, like Peanuts, appeals to all ages through immersive interior design, great food and drinks, and a welcoming environment. The café, a blend of neighborhood restaurant, decadent bakery, and hip coffeehouse, takes a contemporary approach to mid-century modern architecture and bohemian design, creating an inviting, artsy, and cozy atmosphere.

  • Conceptual Development
  • Architectural Design
  • Interior Design
Peanuts Cafe Render 121919 R2 V2
Peanuts View2 Final V2

Subtle surprises within the space will allow guests to connect the dots emotionally based on what Peanuts means to them: a small stage reminiscent of Lucy’s psychiatry stand hosts live performances, Schroeder's piano bar serves cocktails and snacks and Pig Pen 'leaves his mark' in the restrooms.

Peanuts Cafe Stage Study
Pig Pen Bathroom
Peanuts Restaurant School Bus
Peanuts Cozy Nook Resized 2
Peanuts Holidays Stashed Away

Against a playful backdrop of cool jazz and cozy nooks and crannies, guests can enjoy their coffee with a “Great Pumpkin” muffin, or indulge in an “exactly what I was looking for” menu. Additionally, elements that tie back to the Peanuts television specials—such as iconic holiday memorabilia, are cleverly incorporated into the design.

Peanuts Cafe Root Beer Resized 2

An in-house distillery provides local craft beer as well as frosty mugs of “Woof! Root Beer.”

Peanuts Restaurant Final