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Margaritaville Orlando Resort Resize2
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We helped Margaritaville take a drinking song and turn it into a billion-dollar global hospitality empire.

We've been involved in the development of all Margaritaville projects from day one and our portfolio includes diverse projects such as Restaurants, Resorts, Casinos, Entertainment Venues, Retirement Communities, and numerous spinoff sub-brands.

  • Architectural Design
  • Interior Design
  • Signage and Graphic Design
  • Conceptual Design
  • Brand Coordination
Margaritaville Restaurant 1

From humble origins as a Key West dive bar, Margaritaville went on to establish its second restaurant location at Universal CityWalk which proved to be a major success. From there, the concept expanded into tourist markets such as Las Vegas where it distinguished itself as on of the highest grossing restaurants in North America.

Marg Resort And Urban

After years of tremendous success in the F&B industry, we created Margaritaville's first prototypical resort in Hollywood Beach Florida. The underlying concept was to perfectly balance elements of fun with resort style luxury...a atmosphere of casual sophistication. The success of the resort concept has led to its rapid expansion into various other markets worldwide from all-inclusive beach resorts in the Caribbean to 'urban resorts' in New York's Times Square.

Margaritaville Escarda 7537 Lobby
Margaritaville Sandal Reception Area

We realized that the Margaritaville resorts needed an 'icon' that perfectly encapsulated the brand values and set the stage for the guest experience. The result was a 14 foot sculptural flip flop who's glossy reflective finish makes it feel like a true work of art. Judging by the hundreds of photos taken with it per day, guests seems to approve!

Marg Hollywood King
Margaritaville Bathroom 2
Margaritaville King Ocean Balcony Corner
Margaritaville Hotel 14
Margaritaville St Thomas Lobby 7 Smaller
Margaritaville Lighting
Margaritaville Escarda 7673
Margaritaville Escarda 7642 Edit
Margaritaville St Thomas 007 Smaller
Margaritaville St Thomas 006 Smaller
Flow Rider Double
Escarda 1633

Due to its unprecedented success, Margaritaville resorts continues to expand at an amazing pace worldwide and has now evolved its hospitality empire to include: all-inclusive resorts, urban resorts, timeshares, housing communities, retirement communities, student housing, select service hotels and more...

Margaritaville Aerial 019
Mbc 044
Margaritaville Minto Lmd Bar And Chill
Mbc 043
Margaritaville St Somewhere Spa