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JWB Steak and Seafood

JWB is an award-wining and steak and seafood restaurant whose decor is inspired by its heroes: the spear-fisherman who provide its fresh fish daily.

We drew inspiration from the locale to create a space that uses natural and aged materials, a monochromatic palette with splashes of color, and art that celebrates the menu and the region.

  • Interior Design
  • Architectural Design
  • Conceptual Design
  • Artwork and Graphic Design
Jwb Bar

Wood flooring, brown granite brick and a green stone top provides an earthy feel to the bar. Barstools feature vintage rum labels from decommissioned distilleries printed on plush leather upholstery and the bar back mirror is beautifully hand etched with the image of a seaplane.

Jwb Dining Room V2
Jwb Steakhouse 017 Escarda 4776

To create a focal point above the exhibition kitchen, we designed a large Picasso-inspired mural of a spear-fishermen at work. To create a sophisticated yet relaxed atmosphere, we focused on the contrasting materials and colors. Vintage framed artwork celebrating the region's historical ties to canneries pops against a rich brick wall and allows space for the deep blue curtains to lighten the atmosphere.

Spear Fisherman 10A
Jwb Cabinet Doors

These liquor cabinet doors were crafted with wire from vintage parrot cages. Details that all but the most perceptive guests may miss.

Jwb Steak And Seafood