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Multiple U.S. Locations Retail

Cannabis Projects

We set out to innovate the Cannabis Retail Industry and believe that what makes a Cannabis Brand successful is much more than just good interior design.

We helped some early innovators pioneer the idea of a uniquely Branded Cannabis Retail Experience that would stand out from the hundreds of other retailers attempting to capitalize on the 'Cannabis Gold Rush'. The result was Pineapple Express, regularly touted as one of the best-designed dispensaries in the US. From there, we've gone on to design numerous dispensaries, consumption lounges, and even a thematic Cannabis experience each with its own unique and memorable character.

  • Conceptual Development
  • Interior Design
  • Architectural Design
  • Branding
  • Art Direction
Reception Desk 1
Grow Healthy Orlando Reception
Grow Healthy Seating Area

We created the prototype for the Grow Healthy brand in Florida. Inspired by their impressive cultivation facility nearby, we gave the design an industrial feel while warming it up with natural elements from the surrounding area like coral stone and local wood. Large touchscreens help educate guests while acting as an additional point of sale during busier times.

Grass Monkey Full Store
Grass Monkey Reception

Whaa!? A giant sculptural graffiti'd banana, a gorilla with a grass mohawk, a stoned mona Lisa! We wanted Grass Monkey to push the boundaries of recreational Cannabis retail and truly be one of a kind. Inspired by the idea of an 'urban jungle', grass monkey is a bold street art gallery for the Cannabis inclined.

Grass Monkey Art Wall
Grass Monkey Tile
Grass Monkey Poster

Check out some of our other Cannabis work...some under development now.

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Cannabis Experience

The Las Vegas Cannabis Experience is an upcoming multi-sensory exhibit which informs and entertains through immersive spaces, multimedia, iconic elements and sprawling retail. There's even a backstage experience where you can rock out with Hendrix from backstage at Woodstock.

Cannabis Experience Backstage